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I'm writing about my journey to build, learn, and grow as a Creative Entrepreneur and Software Engineer. Stories about my job (I'm employee #2 at a seed-stage startup), entrepreneurial work, investing (a personal passion), and personal growth—a blend of professional and personal content.

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4 Things You Should Know About AI

A Hero's Journey Tuesday, October 03, 2023 Hey there Reader, I'm going to take a break from PushBrand this week (except for another development screenshot and small development update towards the end of this issue) and instead focus on the title topic of AI, or as I like to say, "AI" (cause the...
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3 months ago • 7 min read

Did I make a mistake by building a SaaS product before I marketed it?

A Hero's Journey Tuesday, October 03, 2023 Hey there Reader, Hold on a minute. This can't be right. Am I actually writing another issue of A Hero's Journey one week after the last one??? No, that can't be. Let's see, the last issue was published on—checks notes—July 3rd, 2023...and today...
3 months ago • 8 min read

A graveyard of self-belief and the "Entrepreneur's Bridge"

A Hero's Journey Tuesday, October 03, 2023 Hey there Reader, Not going to lie, I feel guilty. And I don't like it. First of all, to the new subscribers who came from Sam Gabrail, welcome! This issue will start on a little bit of a downbeat, but there's some good reflective stuff in here, I...
3 months ago • 7 min read

Everything that's happened in the last five(!!) months

A Hero's Journey Tuesday, October 03, 2023 Hey there Reader, So this is a little awkward...I just upped and ghosted ya'll for a little over five months (my last issue was on New Year's Eve). But, I have to say, at least I called it: I can already tell I'll face one critical challenge next year:...
5 months ago • 6 min read

2022: The best year of my life

A Hero's Journey Tuesday, October 03, 2023 Hey there Reader, Happy New Year's Eve! As the title of this issue suggests, I want to share with you a bit about why 2022 was, hands-down, bar-none, the best year of my life and why I'm optimistic that 2023 will be even better! I'm also writing to you...
9 months ago • 7 min read

Urbanism YouTube and lots of journey updates

Hey there Reader, I hope everyone had a great Turkey Day last week. Ours was small with way too much food and staying up way too late (par for the course), but I had a good time. I decided to skip the newsletter last week, cause I was in a turkey coma along with everyone else, but the last two...
10 months ago • 4 min read

Reflecting on my three month sabbatical

Hey there Reader, I hope you've had a good couple of weeks, cause it's been a good couple of weeks for me. I've been on "vacation" again, and I use quotes cause I've still been working on some stuff, just fun stuff that I actually like working on. But I've also had time away and time to relax,...
11 months ago • 6 min read

The most dangerous myth: passive income

Hey there Reader, It's the November Money Issue, and this week I decided to rant about something that really bothers me with how its presented to the public: "passive income" aka the biggest financial scam sold to the masses. But it's not all downers this issue, because I'm also going to share...
11 months ago • 7 min read

An exercise in balance and gratitude from the city of "chill" (travel story)

Hey there Reader, Happy Friday ya'll! I'm writing to you from sunny San Diego, California today. A cancelled nerd conference (about image processing and delivery on the internet) turned into a week-long personal vacation and recharge. In fact, this has been a wonderful week, and I really needed...
11 months ago • 7 min read

Analyzing my best and worst performing investments

Hey there Reader, I know I missed a couple weeks again. No excuses, just going through a lot of change right now and trying to keep everything afloat as best I can. But I hope you can forgive me, because I think this is one of my favorite issues (you tell me). Welcome to the October Money Issue....
12 months ago • 5 min read
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